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The essay should the english official be united of states language

January 31, 2008

Essay - In many situations, the language spoken in a specific region influences the identity of the people who live there. English is also a mandatory requirement for Citizens of another country in order for them to become an American Citizen and permanently remain…. As most debates have two distinct sides, so does this one. Midwesterners in Wisconsin and Illinois use pronunciations and phrases that sound comical to west Texans, and vice versa. Americans need to adopt English as their official language in laws, regulations, signs, policies, publications, orders and public proceedings.

Language and Religion. Though Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam there are several other languages spoken, such as, Chinese, English, French, Khmer, and tribal languages Mon-Khmer and Malayo-Polynesian.

They will all take place if the amendment to make English the official language is passed. In my opinion making English the official language of the United States is not a bold move for America and its people. They will not acquire their right as an American to have their paperwork in their desired language.

Making English the official language contradicts U.S. history, Constitution

Making English the official language will support racism, reduce our freedom, and eventually our cultures will evaporate. English is the official language in fifty four countries, twenty-seven non-sovereign entities and about twelve international organisations including the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee.

It is the official language in 29 countries, most of which form la francophonie, the community of French speaking countries. French is also one of the official languages of the United Nations and a large number of international organisations. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and is used as an official language by the European Union and Mer This Is America "In no way would having English as the official language intrude upon anyone's private life, business, or day-to-day living. America, however, does not have an official language. Since there is no official language, Americans feel the need to alter their patriotic actions so as not to offend people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Declaring English the official language of the United States of America will honestly do no harm. Type a new keyword s and press Enter to search. Essays Related to Official Language for America 1.

English as official language of us essay

English As America's Official Language. Language Concepts and Ideologies.

English as the Official Language of the United States. English in America: Should it be the Official Language? An Introduction to Vietnam. It eliminates the need for translation that would otherwise lead to misinterpretation or failure to impact on the audience as intended. Each and every community shall retain its sovereign right to communicate in its desired language or medium, and to practice their beliefs and heritage. However, workplaces and other social dens will be far more interactive as there will be free flow of information.

Finally, there has been a major misconception that English, as the official language, will lead to the loss of diversity in both language and culture. Opponents of this proposition argue that it is culturally insensitive to introduce English as the official language. Language remains one of the salient aspects of any ethnic group. It is a means of passing their heritage and culture from one generation to another.

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In addition, it ensures cohesion and the long-term survival of any ethnic group. However, this argument is eroded by the fact that English will be the official, rather than only, language of the United States. The misconception that ethnic minorities will be left out in the quest of the American dream is not entirely true.

Second and subsequent generations ought to adopt the American lifestyle. However, English does not impede them from learning about their culture and heritage. Nonetheless, caution needs to be taken when considering whether English should be the official language. Several factors ought to be considered.

For instance, other language choices apart form English, the financial ramifications associated with having English as the official language, an overview as to the history and legal actions related to English as the official language and all other incidental information deemed relevant for the pursuance of such intentions.

The controversies surrounding this debate are unlikely to come to a conclusion any time soon. With a growing number of immigrants, opposition is likely to increase.

However, second and subsequent generations have been observed to be fluent in the language and have adopted it as their language of choice in workplaces and on the social platform. Outline of should English be made an official language in the US Uploaded By wainainajoseph Outline of an argumentative essay about; should America make English the official language. Introduction 1.

Statement The topic whether America should make English the official language has attracted some heated debated among the Congress members. Thesis statement The heated argument of whether the English language should be made an official language in America is going to be discussed in depth.