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Published on Jul 4, Operations management deals with various functions of production and operations within a business unit. The report develops the significant evaluation of the operational management and control. For more information regarding operation management in business read our complete sample. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Sample on operation management in business By Instant Essay Writing.

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Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Instant Essay Writing Follow. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Sample on operation management in business By Instant Essay Writing 1. It focuses on developing and managing the company's operations in order to generate the quality products while maintaining the time frame Shim and Siegel, The production services of the company needs to be properly designed and controlled to acquire the desired results.

The modern competitive environment demands the effective command on the operational excellence. The current report provides the understanding about operations of a business and it significance Hugos, It develops the insight about the different tools and techniques of production management. The furniture business is expanding on the global bases. Thus, the quality and standard of the products and services are expected to match the demands. Innovation and development are the integral part of production process Wagen and Goonetilleke, TASK 1 Necessity of operations management in the business Operation management is the very crucial part of the business operations.

Every manufacturing company focuses on developing the effective means of production process in order to deliver the quality products to its consumers. This helps the company in minimizing the defects and wastage while focusing on the cost optimization Slack, Jones and Johnston, The purpose of Operations management is to deliver the quality products to the consumer while developing the effectiveness of the internal business operations. The furniture business, deals with the manufacturing and supplying of its products and services around the world Wild, This needs the efficiency of work management while managing the production time to meet the consumer demands.

The operation management within the industry focuses on managing the product quality, process management, production layout and supply chain. The elements of the business operation makes it crucial for the business growth and development. It helps in integrating he overall business operations while developing 5. The core products of the business are managed by the operations' department while the issues related to its sales and promotion is management by the middle level management.

The research and development departments tries to find the possibility of product development Bagchi and Skjoett, Thus, as observed the overall business operations are integrated through the efficiency of production management. Operations functions of the organization Operations management is the process that deals with the efficiency of converting raw- materials into finished product. The term describes the integration of various functions to achieve the business goals of development and growth Berkes, It helps the company in deciding the best possible process to meet the business demand and develop the desired layout Akyildiz and et.

The process of the operations are focused on the company goals and objectives. This function of operation deals with the decisions regarding the maximum output production while developing the quality aspects Pinkerton, The furniture businesses focuses on mass production in order to achieve the maximum sales thus capacity planning helps the company in deciding about the current and future planning for the growth and development of the organization. This helps in managing the production process and development in order to achieve the desired objectives. Every business organization focuses on producing the quality products while minimizing the cost of production in the environment.

This helps the company in managing the profit margin within the business Zhixiao and Longzhi, The effective management of inventory and stock is significant for the profit maximization Geng, The furniture production leads to high storage capacity as it requires large storage space.

Thus, the most effective means of managing the inventory is through economic order quantity. This strategy helps the companies in managing the ordering cost and holding cost Johnston, The lower level of supply chain management helps the company in managing the product distribution and maximizing the product delivery to the ultimate consumers. While upper supply chain helped the company in delivering raw materials while facilitating the production process Kloppenborg, The delay in the either one coult result in low demand.

Evaluation of operations management by using the process model Every business organization adopts various process for the production or goods and services. These process helps the company in transforming the raw material into finished 7. The process adopted by the organization reflects its internal strength and process integration Rotchanakitumnuai, The various models accepted by various organizations are open and closed system, Probabilistic theory, deterministic theory etc. All these theories helps the organizations in developing the defective growth prospects by analyzing the future development modes.

The Probabilistic theory focuses on sales forecast in order to produce products and services as per the futuristic approach Schneider, Moreover, every company needs to develop the effective integration with the external environment in order to produce and manage the internal strength of the company.

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Thus, the furniture business is highly accustomed to the open and close system Slack, Chambers and Johnston, The process of the manufacturing for every business unit follows the symmetrical process of acquisition of raw material, process management, transforming raw material into finished goods and finally sales and distribution of the goods. The optimum condition provides the effective growth prospects in the market.

The transformation process in the second step focuses on minimizing the defects while assuring the quality of products and services. The quick and advances process develops the high demand in Sample Report on operation management in business For Complete Essay Writing Kindly Mail us at: help instantessaywriting. The final step deals with sales and distribution which focuses on minimizing the transportation cost while minimizing the risk of product damage or loss.

Thus, every organization develops the effective system of distribution to reach the ultimate consumers. Significance of the Three Es The analysis of the furniture industry helps in developing the understanding that Three E's reflects the internal health of an organization Young, The company tends to grow and develop while maintaining the elements of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

These factors provide the effective demand for products and services within the economy while developing the performance measurements sources. In order to develop this the organization focuses on product acquisition at the minimum cost from the supplier. This helps in reducing the purchase cost. Moreover, the economic process of production helps in maintaining the cost of production for the origination Wagen and Goonetilleke, All this help in managing the cost and quality of products.

The organizations adopting this measure acquires the effective achievement n the market.

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This helps the company in developing the differential method to create an edge in the market Sadler and Hines, The operations of the furniture companies are managed and maintained through effectivity on product quality and minimization of wastage. The quality and product features are designed and developed to meet the consumer expectations Bagchi and Skjoett, These products thus helps the company in creating their own demand. Thus, effectivity highly contributes towards sales maximization. Impact of the tension between cost minimization and quality maximization Every business unit focuses on developing the most effective and unique equation of cost minimization and quality maximization.

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This equation is the most helpful source of developing the high growth prospects for the business units. The cost of production is the crucial part of the production process as this results in increasing the cost of productions in the market Zhixiao and Longzhi, For the furniture business the cost of production of sofa, chair or table may be included in the sales prices for covering the cost of production.

In these instances the product quality is compromised. The tension between cost and quality has been observed from ages in the market. These are the two most crucial factors of business development. The high level of competition has developed the large rage of close substitutes for the buyers Jones and Robinson, The production firms thus focuses on producing the quality products while minimizing the cot of product to fight back the competition.

Sample on Operations Management By Instant Essay Writing

Every organization has developed its own unique equation of cost and quantity. This process head against cost minimization as it is difficult for organization to reduce cost but also maintain good and high quality of product. These 5 objectives adds value for customers and satisfy the necessary requirements of them Kacar, Irdem, and Uzsoy, This strategy helps company to achieve the economic strength. Cutting cost of less demanding furniture can let organization to clear its stock.

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Right from the conception of an operational activity, the key point to consider is the wants and needs of the customers and thus the managers effectively influence the operation in that focus. Operations management: dealing with such processes can be configured properly in order to successfully meet the requirements and needs of the market. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Slack, N. Google determines the productivity of its personnel based on a variety of criteria.

Quality is considered as key foundation of any manufacturing business as it makes goodwill of the firm. Global leisure company have to provide quality of product to their customers in order to achieve their objectives and keep them happy Zareei and et. In order to have a speed advantage, Global leisure company have to look at internal chain to increase efficiency 9. It is considered as ability to change operations and it constitutes: Ability to change value of production, time taken in production, introducing and innovating new products.

Dependability is the capability to deliver product and services in agreement with promises made with customers. TASK 2 3.

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It is further considered as an process of taking various linear equations which relates to some situation and in order find its best value under given conditions. For manufacturing firms like Global leisure company it includes well defined objective function and variable should have constraint amount. Further there need to be a alternative course of action and the decision variable should be inter related and non negative Chaabane, Ramudhin and Paquet, Linear programming is helpful for business, industries, distribution, marketing and economy.

It helps Global leisure company in minimizing cost and maximizing profit as it plays an important role in management decision also.

Managers in organization can easily calculate sale unit of furniture and prices which can lead to maximization profit or company. Linear programming have a mathematical and graphical solution to a given problem. Mathematical solution is been done with the help of formulas whereas in graphical it is possible when there only two decision variables are involved and the problem can be plot on a graph in order to find execute reason of decision making Kaplan and Atkinson, It consist of series of activities which shows earliest completion of project and schedule network analysis technique which used to determine the schedule flexibility and critical path of project scheduled network diagram.