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If you mail your transcripts, the Admissions Office must receive the documents by January Each transcript must provide a listing, year-by-year, of all courses taken and the grades or marks received for each. Records must also provide the grading scale for each institution and graduation date projected or conferred.

If grades are not yet posted, submit a transcript showing coursework in progress. This also applies to applicants who are homeschooled.

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Transcript requirements for first-time undergraduate applicants are as follows:. Your class status is determined by your audition, transcripts, and admission examinations.

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Exams in music theory and ear-training are administered online before February 1. Piano proficiency is evaluated for class placement during the orientation week before classes begin. Transcript requirements for transfer applicants are as follows:. International applicants can find more information around admission requirements, here. In the application, you will provide the names and email addresses of the persons who have agreed to provide recommendations. These exams occur on the Monday following the DMA audition days.

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Audition sign-ups are available in December once prescreening decisions are released. Undergraduate applicants who are U. You may submit additional letters of recommendation e. You'll work with our financial aid team to explore your options for combining loan, gift and work-study assistance to help you manage the cost of attending CIM.

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One major-field member of the committee typically your teacher serves as chair, and one member of the committee serves as research director. Especially for the role of research director, students are encouraged to enlist a faculty member with expertise in the subject.

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The same faculty member may serve as both chair and research director, but this is not required. Propose a topic for your piano essay in which you outline your research for approval by a proposed research committee.

Detailed instructions for the topic proposal are provided here. Conducts research and prepare the essay. The essay should be a minimum of 8,, words roughly pages. It must include a bibliography and should include a work list and discography as appropriate to the essay. When the research director is satisfied with your completed draft of the essay, the research director approves it for circulation to the rest of the research committee.

Ask your research director to send an e-mail message to musdoc [at] indiana [dot] edu or a written note to the doctoral clerk in the music graduate office. You should ask each committee member whether they prefer a printed or electronic copy and submit a printed copy for each faculty member who prefers it in that form.

You must also submit a copy to keep on file in the Music Graduate Office we encourage electronic submission for the office copy, but a printed copy will be accepted as well. The piano essay will not be distributed for the committee to review until all necessary copies have been submitted to the Music Graduate Office.

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Electronic submission form for document drafts. If we learn from a faculty member that they have not approved receiving an electronic copy, you will need to submit a printed copy and the 8-week review period for the entire committee will restart on the date the printed copy is distributed. You are strongly encouraged to submit printed copies double-sided.

These copies do not need to be bound, but should be clearly separated. If you are submitting ONLY printed copies for committee members, remember to submit either a paper or electronic copy for the office. We cannot distribute your piano essay to your committee until we have received an office copy.

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By Jacobs School of Music policy, members of the research committee may take up to eight weeks to review the essay and decide whether to approve it. Additional time is provided if the review period includes the summer, and the review deadline will never fall during the summer term or a break.

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One official copy of a transcript from each previous college or university attended. You should not ask committee members for updates. Sound Recording; Ph. Robert Bernhardt joined Lee's School of Music in the fall of as an artist-in-residence and conductor of the Lee Symphony Orchestra. Submission of at least two college-level term papers in music b.

The music graduate office will inform you by e-mail when your essay has been approved by all the members of your research committee. You should not ask committee members for updates. The graduate office will follow up with faculty who do not respond by the review deadline. Committee members may indicate in writing any changes or revisions necessary in the approved text.